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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Since we operate in the field of technologies and we work with a variety of tools, materials and assembly, we know very precisely the value of details which may decide the question of safety, danger, health and life. Not everyone is so lucky in his life to enjoy life at its best in every field or part of it. Not everyone is also so lucky to have a job which would satisfy him. Sometimes only a small thing, a second or inaccuracy may change our lives forever. These are the reasons we help people in need.

We consider social responsibility as an ethical obligation of every businessman or company.

Why we help and cooperate with Tanga – managers on wheelchairs

They need to use wheelchairs but still they do not give up – our company also does not give up problems or difficulties. They want to be the best such as we do.

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KOVO LEDEČ-Certifikát Daruj hračku-Tango-2016-001

Why we help and cooperate with Donate a toy

We love to make dreams come true and to help people start their lives positively.

We are also a partner of a project which was repeatedly awarded the prestigious “Award Ď” by National Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic.

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